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Airbrush Tanning Business Diploma Course

10 Modules

  • Certified Course
  • Online study
  • Tutor support
  • No time limit for completing your course
  • 150 hours of study
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What Will You Learn?

Airbrush tanning is a much-improved version of spray tanning that gives a more natural look based on the recipient's skin type, uses natural substances (rather than dangerous chemicals), requires only one session, and lasts for 6-10 days. This course will teach you, step-by-step, everything you need to know to start and grow your airbrush tanning business.

From the course, you will discover how airbrush tanning is defined. This includes why it has come about and the benefits of this technique over other sunless tanning options and sun tanning itself, taking cost, health, application, and aesthetics into consideration.


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Course Syllabus

What will I learn on the course?

Module 1: What is airbrush tanning?
  • Part 1: What is airbrush tanning?
  • Part 2: Airbrush tanning vs Sun tanning- Why is airbrush tanning better?
  • Part 3: Summary
  • Module 1 Assessment
Module 2: Setting Up the Equipment
  • Part 1: What Equipment is needed for airbrush tanning?
  • Part 2: How is it Setup?
  • Part 3: Solutions for Tanning
  • Part 4: Setting up The Flow
  • Part 5: Types of Airbrushes
  • Part 6: How to Choose a Compressor for your Airbrush
  • Part 7: Summary
  • Module 2 Assessment
Module 3: The Procedure
  • Part 1: Anatomy of the Skin
  • Part 2: How does airbrush tanning work?
  • Part 3: A fool-proof method of airbrush tanning
  • Part 4: Summary
  • Module 3 Assessment
Module 4: Preparing for a tanning session
  • Part 1: Prepping your skin
  • Part 2: Protective equipment
  • Part 3: People who should avoid getting an airbrush tan
  • Part 4: Summary
  • Module 4 Assessment
Module 5: Post-tanning
  • Part 1: Cleaning and maintaining the airbrush
  • Part 2: Weekly Spray Tanning Gun Clean
  • Part 3: Best Tips to Maintain Your Tan
  • Part 4: Summary
  • Module 5 Assessment
Module 6: Machine Troubleshooting
  • Part 1: Machine Troubleshooting
  • Part 2: Summary
  • Module 6 Assessment
Module 7: Troubleshooting in Tanning
  • Part 1: Troubleshooting in Tanning
  • Part 2: Summary
  • Module 7 Assessment
Module 8: Airbrush Tanning FAQs
  • Airbrush Tanning FAQs
  • Module 8 Assessment
Module 9: Risks associated with airbrush tanning
  • Part 1: Risks associated with airbrush tanning
  • Part 2: Summary
  • Module 9 Assessment
Module 10: Setting up an airbrush tanning business
  • Part 1: What is the scope for this business?
  • Part 2: Customer Service
  • Part 3: Summary
  • Module 10 Assessment

Who Would Benefit from This Course?

This course provides a comprehensive knowledge of running an airbrush tanning business – with techniques, equipment, skin care, safety, and how to run a business in this area all covered extensively.

Those new to beauty therapy can use the information provided to start their own business, while those already working within the beauty industry can study the course to add airbrush tanning to their existing services.


The Airbrush Tanning Business Diploma Course will take you up to 150 hours to complete working from home. There is no time limit for completing this course, it can be studied in your own time at your own pace. This is a Level 3 course and will give you 150 CPD (Continued Professional Development) points.

Upon completion of your course assessments, you receive 2 certificates. A certified Diploma certificate from the Centre of Excellence and a CPD certificate displaying the number of CPD points earned from the course.

Upon successful completion of this course, learners can also receive a certificate of achievement from ABC Awards and a Learner Unit Summary, which lists the details of all the units the learner has completed as part of the course. (This certificate is optional and costs an additional £15).

ABC Awards is a leading national Awarding Organisation, regulated by Ofqual, and the Welsh Government. It has a long-established reputation for developing and awarding high-quality vocational qualifications across a wide range of industries.

This course has been endorsed under the ABC Awards and Certa Awards Quality Licence Scheme.

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