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Today’s Personal Trainers need to be much more than fitness trainers counting sets and reps. To thrive in the fitness industry, you need to think like a business entrepreneur. Here’s how…

It’s a great time to be a Personal Trainer. Exercise, nutrition, health, and wellness have never been more important, with fitness topics hitting the headlines and being discussed every day and in every corner of the population.

But with the huge expansion in Personal Training, how can ambitious fitpros really make a success of it?

Gone are the days of simply delivering Personal Training sessions in a gym, seeing a string of 1-2-1 clients and swapping time for money. Today’s fitness professionals approach Personal Training like a business. They think like entrepreneurs, act like consultants, and plan like business owners. After all, that’s what they are.


One of the best ways to differentiate yourself and create a strong Personal Trainer business is to develop a visible, recognisable brand that resonates with your target market. A good brand, along with great communication, will help you build a loyal tribe of clients.

Business model

What kind of Personal Training do you want to offer? There are so many ways to run a profitable PT business. You could work within a gym, or open your own facility, with your own equipment. You could be a mobile PT, or run classes and boot camps. Small group training is a popular and smart way to optimise your time.


Whether you’re working in a gym, doing boot camps, small group training, or own your own facility, as a Personal Trainer you need to know how to close a sale. If you don’t (or if you find it uncomfortable), then learn!

Social media

Facebook, Periscope, Instagram… it seems as if there’s a new form of social media platform every week. The best Personal Trainers know how to use them, and how to assess which to incorporate into their marketing and which to ignore.


Marketing for Personal Trainers is so much more than handing out flyers. Today’s PTs need to know about social media, guerrilla marketing, and so much more. It’s a world of exciting opportunities!


Every Personal Trainer needs to be putting out plenty of content, from blog posts and videos, to eBooks and daily emails. The skill of copywriting is one that fit pros really need these days.

If you’re thinking of becoming a Personal Trainer, you have so many opportunities ahead of you. It’s a massively exciting time to get involved in the fitness industry. Be smart and savvy, develop a strong brand, and understand how important sales, content, and marketing are to your growing business. We’d love to know how you get on!

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