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Drink More Water

Most of us know that we should drink more water, but it’s one of the easiest “simple habits” to ignore. This month, make an effort to drink at least 2 litres of water a day. Herbal tea and fizzy water count, but plain water is best. Some people find plain water is made more appealing by adding lemon or lime slices, fresh mint leaves, or simply ice cubes. Being well hydrated will make you feel more energised, so you are more likely to exercise and get outside for walks. And drinking water helps your digestive system work properly, can improve your skin, and flatten your stomach.

Get Better Quality Sleep

Sleep does wonders for our motivation to exercise, our ability to make good food choices, our resistance to cravings, and even to our fat loss! Sleep is when our bodies repair and rebalance from the stresses of the day (including exercise). And it’s free! There aren’t many fat loss and health tools available for no charge. Aim to get 7-9 hours sleep every night, and go to bed at the same time. Wind down slowly before bed, and don’t take your phone or tablet into the bedroom with you.

Be More Active

Exercise, gym workouts, and cardio are important. But so is everyday activity. So for the next month, focus less on your workouts, and more on your activity levels. Walk more often, do a grocery shop rather than using online shopping. Wash your own car, mow your own lawn. Take the dog for an extra long walk at the weekends. Play outside with the kids. Give the bathroom a deep clean or move the furniture about when you vacuum. Invite friends for a walk and talk social catch-up rather than for a coffee. This extra activity doesn’t feel like a workout, but it all adds up and boosts your metabolic rate.

Get Stronger

Resistance training, using weights in the gym or your own body weight at home, is important for a healthier body. If you’ve never done resistance training, make a start this month. You could use barbells or dumbbells in the gym, do a resistance training or circuits class, learn body weight exercises, or use tools like kettlebells. The key is to add resistance to the body, to tone up and strengthen your muscles. This in turn raises your metabolic rate, helping you burn more calories all day long. And it will help your posture, too.

Healthy Eating

What small changes can you make this month to eat more healthily? Perhaps it’s cooking more of your meals from scratch, or adding an extra serving of vegetables to your day. Maybe you need to focus on eating protein at every meal, or choosing fewer processed and packaged snacks? Identify your poorer eating habits, look at your least healthy food choices, and vow to make one or two small changes this month. Simply focusing on healthy eating for 4 weeks can have a huge impact on your weight, waistline, and health markers.

Meal Planning

One thing most healthy people do is plan their meals to some extent. This could be sitting down with your partner every Sunday and agreeing on a healthy dinner for each day of the week. Or it could be batch cooking your own dinners for the week. Maybe you’d like to prepare your lunches and a healthy snack every day before you go to bed, so you have confidence in your food choices the next day. Or perhaps breakfast is your downfall, and you’d benefit from planning (and shopping for) healthier breakfast options.

Stress Management

Lifestyle stress, poor sleep and anxiety is a common threat to many people’s health, fitness and emotional wellness. What can you do over the next month to assess your stress levels, identify the sources, and minimise the impact stress has on your health? Work out what you can control, and what you can’t. Remember that stress is often our response to a stimulus, and in some cases we can help ourselves by learning techniques like meditation, stillness, or taking up peaceful hobbies like walking or yoga. Reduce your stress this month and watch your health, body shape and weight change for the better.

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