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5 Simple Handmade Festive Card Ideas |

The lead up to the holidays can be stressful – there’s so much to prepare and so little time to do it. It’s the little things that help combat holiday stress the most, like when you open your mail after a long day and find a card from a friend. And when that card is handmade, it’s like an extra bit of love delivered right to your door.

Making your own cards is a great way to spread some cheer this holiday season. Here are 5 easy-to-make card ideas that your friends and family will be thrilled to receive. As a bonus, they won’t take too much of your time to prepare and require minimal supplies.

These festive card ideas include:

1. Abstract Tree

A simple and elegant design.

You’ll need:

  • Cardstock
  • Paint chips/paint sample cards/swatches
  • Scissors
  • Glue Stick

Fold and cut your cardstock to the desired shape and size for your card. Cut triangles of varying sizes out of the paint chips. Experiment with different heights, widths, and angles for whimsy, or go with identical-sized triangles for a more modern look.

Play with the arrangement of your trees on the front of your card until you’ve got your pattern nailed, then glue the trees on. A tree or three would look great on the inside of the card as well.

2. Twiggy Thumbprint Rudolph

This festive card idea is great for anyone in tune with their inner child (that goes for the crafter AND the recipient). Fair warning: these are so cute you will want to make a few.

You’ll need:

  • Cardstock
  • Fine twigs
  • Brown craft paint or ink pad
  • Something red for the nose – craft jewels, tiny pom-poms, buttons, etc.
  • PVA glue
  • Scissors or garden pruning snips
  • A toothpick (useful but not essential)
  • A thumb

Fold and cut your cardstock to the desired shape and size for your card.

Dip your thumb into the paint or ink pad. On a scrap piece of paper or cardstock experiment with how much paint/ink to get on your thumb to achieve the desired result for Rudolph’s head and body (you may like more or less colour or thumbprint detail). Once you’ve got the perfect effect, place your thumbprints on the front of your card, one for the head and one for the body.

Snip the twigs to proportionate lengths for the antlers, legs, and tail. Place them on the card prior to gluing to make sure you get them in the right spot (a toothpick is useful for applying the glue). Lastly, glue on the nose.

3. Wreath Ornament

This festive card does double-duty – it’s a card AND a tree ornament.

You’ll need:

  • Cardstock
  • Ribbon
  • Yarn
  • A toilet paper roll
  • Scissors
  • Hot glue gun

Fold and cut your cardstock to the desired shape and size for your card.
Cut a 1cm ring from the toilet paper roll. Wrap the ring with ribbon and secure with hot glue.

Tie a loop for tree-hanging onto the wreath with the yarn.

Attach the wreath to the front of your card with a dot of hot glue. You can add other embellishments as well, like a strip of ribbon or yarn.

4. Pop-up Ornament

This festive card idea adds some fun colour and texture to any mantle or card display.

You’ll need:

  • Cardstock
  • More cardstock in bright colours or patterns
  • Scissors
  • Glue stick
  • Marker
  • Something round for tracing circles

Fold and cut your cardstock to the desired shape and size for your card.
Trace a circle onto three different coloured/patterned cardstock and cut them out.

Fold each circle in half.

Glue the circles together.

Glue the circles to the front of the card.

With the marker, draw on a string for the ornament, and a message if you like.

5. Festive Buttons

You’ll need:

  • Cardstock
  • Scrap yarn
  • Old buttons
  • A twig or small branch
  • Hot glue
  • Scissors

Fold and cut your cardstock to the desired shape and size for your card.
Hot glue the branch to the front of the card.

Hot glue small lengths of yarn to the backs of the buttons.

Hot glue these ‘ornaments’ to the branch so that they hang from it.

General Tips and Tricks

  • You might find some of the above festive card ideas a bit plain without any writing on the front – that’s because I have terrible handwriting. If you’re shy about your handwriting, try printing messages from your computer and gluing them onto your designs, or printing them directly onto the cardstock (you can find lots of free printables online). Or, better yet, make your cards together with a friend who has better penmanship than you!
  • For writing your heartfelt messages on the inside of the cards, glue in a piece of plain white printer paper. This makes your written words stand out and provides a good backdrop for carrying some of your front-of-card theme to the inside.

Handmade cards are not just for primary-schoolers anymore; there’s a handmade festive card idea out there for every skill level and budget. Making cards for all occasions makes for a relaxing hobby and can even earn you some extra cash if you choose to sell your designs. Make a day of it with your kids, partner, book club, or co-workers and soak up some human connection. In a world obsessed with digital communication, a thoughtful, tactile token of affection can truly make someone’s day.

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